I’m retired! Now what?

Since I retired mid June, I’ve visited my children in faraway places. I went to my first major league soccer game in Philadelphia, took my first trip through IKEA, saw the Fourth of July fireworks in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and enjoyed the stares, as my son walked around his new Philadelphia neighborhood wearing his clerical […]

Work Like You Were Retiring

  Work Like You Were Retiring For years, retirement was that day, sometime in the future, when the heavens would open, the angels would sing and rainbows would arc across a beautiful sky. Each day would start off with me waking without an alarm clock and asking myself, “What shall I do today?” And I […]

How to Survive

How to Survive   The truth about most dilemmas in life, and God knows I have found myself immersed in a few, always boils down to an amazing reduction, based on the finest ingredients that Mother Earth can produce. I use the term “dilemma” loosely to cover a spectrum that goes from annoyance to disaster. […]

The Difference between Baggage and Luggage

The Difference Between Baggage and Luggage Someone once described forgiveness to me like this. “You wake up every day, get up and go out into the world. If you are suffering because of the acts of others, then you have to pick up those bags, full of all of those burdens, and carry them around […]

Happy Guy Fawkes Day Y’all!!!!

Happy Guy Fawkes Day Y’all!!! The Roman Catholic Church has a one man band that’s steamrollin’ and leaving no issue untouched. Pope Francis!! This guy is killin’ it!!! On his first day, he rode the bus instead of using a personal driver. He refuses to live in the Papal residency because he’s just not cool […]

An Open Letter to My New Daughter-in-Law

Dear Lara, One of your long-time family friends said the kindest thing about you and your family at the rehearsal dinner. This is pretty much a quote, “I have not known Daniel long at all, but I have known this family for a very long time. I am here to tell you, that as families […]

Funeral People and My New Best Friend!!

Today I was driving on a country road and I passed an honest to God, old-timey hardware store that had this bird, or one just like it, stuck in the ground out front. So, hear my wheels squealing to turn into the parking lot. I walked in and said to the two nice ladies at […]

What’s Behind All of This Zombie Apocalypse Stuff?

I just didn’t get it! I’m referring to zombies and America’s fascination with them. I recently posed the question to some young people who have their finger on the pulse of those kinds of things. While they conversed about the new season premiere of “The Walking Dead”, I couldn’t imagine the appeal. Me: What is […]

Peace, Love and Gate Crashers

I have this friend named Dana.  What she says is so amazing, that my daughter, who knows a good wordsmith when she sees one, says that I should start another blog called, “Shit Dana Says”.  I agree. It would be brilliant, but I can’t follow her around with a pencil and a piece of paper […]