Wildly Wonderful Wedding

        The wedding was so wildly wonderful, that I am material-less! That’s right! Material-Less!! Yes, it was that fantastic. I did have the chance to decorate St. Francis of Assisi before I left. I think he’s just lovely!!!

My Redemption

My Redemption On the front of the birthday card, there were three nuns, crosses dangled on their chests; faces peeked through the severe mixture of black and white coverage. They prayed fervently, without ceasing. Oh, I am already excited!! On the inside, the message read: Mom, Hope your birthday was so much fun that it […]

Women, Dudes and Weddings

Wedding Women, Hear Us Roar I don’t know about you, but when my first child, a son named Daniel, was born, I was filled with a sense of woman-ness, for lack of a better term. And by that I mean that I could NOT believe that women all over the planet since the beginning of […]

Couch Surfing

Couch Surfing Yeah, it’s a thing. If you are under 30, you’re already aware. If you’re my age and a parent, you know it’s a deranged sociopath’s dream come true and someone is going to end up buried in the backyard. And this is the story of how I was talked into doing it. For […]

Deja Vu 2013

Have you ever had a serious déjà vu experience? I have. And it was weird!!  A few years ago, I had the pleasure of spending some time traveling around Scotland. Driving through the Scottish Highlands, I was so sure that the further north I went, the more I had an incredible sense of home that I […]

The Paper Craner?

Why the Paper Craner, you may ask. It’s very simple.  The origami crane is a symbol for happiness, good luck and peace. That pretty much covers anything that interests me. This crane is made from construction paper, which is way too heavy for origami, but it’s what had. I looked up paper cranes in wiki-how, and […]

The Un Sane

​ I have these friends. They aren’t your normal, run of the mill, sane friends. You know what I mean by sane, right? Sane people’s lives go according to the best laid plans, their trains never derail, they are never set adrift and they never need a life jacket. But if they did, they would […]